The source used on our system is a Hamamatsu L10711-19 that has been customised specifically for micro-CT application through a development process.  The geometry and the basic specifications are 

  • Maximum tube voltage (kV) 160
  • X-ray tube setting range (kV) 20-160
  • Minimum resolution (micron) 0.8
  • X-ray output window material Diamond
  • Maximum target current (mA) 100
  • 3k x 3k detector and other hardware providing superior image quality and fidelity
  • Helical scanning trajectory that allows for long vertical scans (up to 200 mm travel)Our version includes a diamond window as standard and the development of a completely new cut-away front of the source (to facilitate the mounting of samples in a stable manner close to the source). Also, the secondary sources have been considerably reduced on this version to significantly reduce the artefacts seen particularly with difference imaging. 

This detailed document has more information about what to expect from the system.