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 3D image of a flea, 1.4 micron voxel size
    3D image of limestone, 1.0 micron voxel size
 Human thumb with blood vessels delienated

 Human thumb with blood vessels delienated, 14.4 micron voxel size

(speciment courtesy of Brion Bennninger, MD MSc., Professor of Medical Innovation, Technology & Research, Medical Anatomy Center - COMP-Northwest, WesternU)

3D distribution of biofilm in glass bead packing, 10.5 micron voxel size.
Helical scan of sandstone core, 36mm x 8.5mm, 5μm voxel size 
3D movie of stick insect, 35 micron voxel size
   3D image of 2 mm Berea sandstone, 0.9 micron voxel size
   Bubble distribution in East Pacific Rise glass imaged at 10.8 micron voxel size. 
   Distribution of connected (blue) and disconnected (yellowish-green) water-air interfaces in glass bead pack, 3.2 micron voxel size. Color shading represents interfacial curvature.
3D movie of a skull, 48 micron voxel size