Below are links to our scheduling tools. You may reserve time for the microCT (the scanner itself) or for using the image processing workstation. This high-end HP Z840 workstation has 2 Intel Xeon processors, 256 GB of memory and fast GPUs for efficent processing. Software available include Avizo Fire, ImageJ, DragonFly, etc.


Before reserving time on the microCT instrument or the workstation, please complete and sign our user agreement.


  • Reserve time on the microCT (by reserving time on the instrument, you agree to be responsible for the cost involved)

                  - to schedule instrument time outside of normal business hours, please contact Dorthe Wildenschild.


  • Reserve time on the image processing workstation  (by reserving time on the computer system, you agree to be responsible for the cost involved)


This online reservation tool is for OSU users with an ONID account. Non-OSU users can contact Dorthe Wildenschild for help with scheduling.

We are located on the third floor of Johnson Hall, JOHN 300A.